When booting Linux from iSCSI, the initial connections are set up like

modprobe iscsi_tcp
modprobe crc32c
modprobe iscsi_ibft
iscsistart -N
iscsistart -b

that is, all the parameters are set in the offload card via the adapter
ROM utility and the initramfs scripts read them from the iBFT.

My questions:

1. Can the iBFT contain two target specifications (one per NIC) only?  I
   can set up more in the adapter ROM utility.

2. The iscsistart utility starts up sessions with iface_name like
   <transport>.<MAC> (be2iscsi.aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff in my case), but iscsid
   uses iface_names like <transport>.<MAC>.ipv4.1.  This leads to 6
   sessions instead of 4, because iscsid does not take over the two
   created by iscsistart, since the interface names are different.  It's
   possible to define ifaces with the simple names and override the
   interface names used by iscsid, but that's a hassle and the qualified
   interface names appear nevertheless.  Is there an elegant way to get
   both utilities use the same names?  Looks like ac38eee2 introduced
   this discrepancy.

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