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>Sent: Friday, November 20, 2015 8:34 AM
>To: open-iscsi
>Cc: Adheer Chandravanshi; Giridhar Malavali; Saurav Kashyap
>Subject: Re: [PATCH v3 0/2] open-iscsi: Ping support in iscsiuio
>>On Tuesday, November 17, 2015 at 10:04:44 AM UTC-8, Mike Christie wrote:
>>On 09/18/2015 05:38 AM, adheer.cha...@qlogic.com wrote:
>>> From: Adheer Chandravanshi <adheer.cha...@qlogic.com>
>>> Mike,
>>> This is patchset v3 to add ping support in iscsiuio.
>>> Please review and apply following patches to open-iscsi.git tree at your 
>>> earliest convenience.
>>> Changes with respect to v2 patchset:
>>>  * Corrected the logic for ping status message
>>>  * Change the transport callout name to exec_ping
>>> Adheer Chandravanshi (2):
>>>   iscsid: Changes to support ping through iscsiuio
>>>   iscsiuio: Add ping support through iscsiuio
>>Do you distro people have any comments?
>>My only concern is that if this is the first command run for the 
>>iface, the ping will fail. The user has to retry. I thought it might 
>>cause confusion. For normal session and discovery session login, we 
>>retry the same error for the user.
>>The options on the table are:
>>1. Add the apply op command. The user will have to run this before 
>>running ping.
>>2. Add the apply op, and add a udev rule so when the module is loaded 
>>we can have it run automatically.
>>If we go this route, do distro people want us to get the rule in udev 
>>or carry it in the iscsi package and install it.
>>3. Have the ping command retry like is done with normal/discovery 
>>session login.
>I strongly prefer #3. Both #1 and #2 are a departure from the way the other 
>commands work.

Based on the review comments, I have created couple of patches on top of the 
submitted patchset.
These new patches support approach #3.
For a new iface, the ping will be tried while iscsiuio works to initialize the 
And iscsiuio would wait for couple of seconds to let the iface initialization 

Request to kindly review and merge the original v3 patchset along with these 
patches to the upstream branch at the earliest convenience.


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