On 02/15/2016 08:38 AM, Ulrich Windl wrote:
>>>> Christian Seiler <christian.is...@gmail.com> schrieb am 13.02.2016 um 
>>>> 01:05 in
> Nachricht <56be734d.1000...@gmail.com>:
>> Hi,
>> Debian is currently working on making the entire archive build
>> reproducibly. <https://reproducible-builds.org/> is a good
>> resource describing the motivation behind this effort.
>> There was one problem that was found in the open-iscsi package
>> build system that prevented builds from being reproducible:
>> the list of object files generated by the wildcard Makefile
>> function are not in a deterministic order, causing changes in
>> the output depending on the order in the underlying filesystem.
> Hi!
> I wonder: Would adding those objects to an object library (and use
> that library to add the needed objects) also fix this problem? (I
> thought objects in a library are sorted)

Unfortunately not, that would suffer from the same problem - the
order of the object files determines to some extent the order of
the functions in the final executable. An object library is not
really that much different than from specifying a list of object
files explicitly, and the order in which they were added to the
object library matters. The result of the build is of course
functionally equivalent (which is why the current state of having
a random order at build time depending on the underlying file
system is not a problem in terms of functionality), but not
bit-for-bit identical, which is what reproducible builds are

(Whether using an object library during the open-iscsi build
process is a good idea irrespective of reproducible builds is
something I don't have any opinion on.)


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