I was asked an interesting question recently, and thought I'd share it
here. I don't think it's critical to address right away, but surprising
and something to think about.

Someone asked me about targets configured to return DNS names rather
than IP addresses in a SendTargets response, and what the maximum length
of a response Open-iSCSI would accept was. Obviously they had tested
this and hit an issue or they wouldn't be asking.

It turns out that DNS names have a limit of 253 octets when converted to
a string. When we store a node record we append the port and tpgt as
part of the filename. That potentially takes up to 12 characters, two
16-bit values that might need 5 chars each + 2 commas. Basically all
Linux filesystems have a 255 byte filename limit, so any DNS name of
longer than 243 bytes (10 less than the DNS limit) will fail to create a
node record.

The discovery symlinks are much worse, as we try and put the target
name, address, port, tpgt, and iface name all together.

- Chris

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