On Tue, Jul 26, 2016 at 01:59:38PM -0700, Vimol Kshetrimayum wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to discover targets using iSNS but through iSCSI interface.

We don't have any sort of iSNS offload support, so you can't really do
iSNS through an offload iface.  But I think this should work to do iSNS
discovery and bind the results to the offloaded iface.

> I could discover it through TCP using below command. 
> # iscsiadm -m discovery -t isns -p <iSNS server address>
> However, if I tried to discover through iSCSI interface, it throws error. 
> Below is the command that I am using and its output error. 
> ---------
> # iscsiadm -m discoverydb -t isns -p --discover -I 
> bnx2i.00:0e:1e:53:43:c1
> iscsiadm: iface bnx2i.00:0e:1e:53:43:c1 is not valid. Will not bind node to 
> it. Iface settings [hw=,ip=,net_if=,iscsi_if=bnx2i.00:0e:1e:53:43:c1]

Your iface record is invalid because it's not "default" and yet it's not
bound by MAC address (hw="") or netdev (net_if="").

What does the full iface record look like?  How was it created?

- Chris

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