Am I doing something wrong to get iscsid to automatically login to certain 
nodes, or am I not understanding what the .startup = automatic settings do?

I was about to post about having trouble getting automatic login to work, 
but on the mailing list archives, I see some systemd services that run 

Now I'm confused.

I spammed automatic everywhere, thinking that would make iscsid 
automatically log into them.

iscsid.conf:node.startup = automatic
nodes/iqn.XXX/IP,port,1/defualt:node.startup = automatic
nodes/iqn.XXX/IP,port,1/defualt:node.conn[0].startup = automatic
send_targets/IP,port/st_config:discovery.startup = automatic

Should these be left as manual, and run a systemd service that uses 
iscsiadm to login instead?

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