On 09/15/2016 10:28 PM, Raghu Murugesan wrote:
> When in next version of open-iscsi planning to be released?

As one of the maintainers of open-iscsi in Debian, we'd also like
to see a new official release in the not too distant future,
because we are currently packaging git snapshots (and are using
version numbers like 2.0.873+gitN.ABCDEF01, where N is a counter
and ABCDEF01 are the first 8 chars of the git commit hash - not
very pretty). The latest git snapshot I just uploaded today.

Just as a reference: Debian will freeze around the end of the
year, so it'd be great if a new open-iscsi release could happen
by the beginning of January the very, very latest, so we could
release Debian with a properly released version, and not another
git snapshot.

Thanks for considering!


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