On 09/19/2016 09:04 PM, Raghu Murugesan wrote:
> I am currently using version 2.0-872 in my project. Can anyone suggest a 
> *stable* version/git commit that I can make use of. (Anything after 2.0-873 
> will be better)

Well, in Debian I've recently uploaded the current git master,
f951a06beb55d7ccc4d9c13a3a83ec2bee96636d. So far it seems to
work very well (no regressions in any tests I did, and nobody
running Debian sid has complained so far).

We've also had a version in Debian (sid first, then testing)
for over a month based on git commit

Current Debian stable (frozen fall 2014) is based on git
commit 3b4b45001b6d8412aad76a55347de42d30d694f7 (from 2013),
however we do not provide iscsiuio support in stable - and
from the amount of fixes added to iscsiuio in the mean time
I would not recommend using that commit if you plan to use
iscsiuio (I'd rather recommend one of the other commits I
mentioned in that case). OTOH, if you want to just use the
initiator itself (without the iscsiuio offloading daemon),
then that commit is really solid, because it's running on
a LOT of Debian stable machines successfully.

Note though that the first two commits I mentioned (i.e.
the ones not in Debian stable) are after the open-isns
split, so you'd need to compile open-isns first before
compiling open-iscsi. (open-isns 0.96 works well.)

Apart from that though: just from my personal experience in
packaging open-iscsi: the changes in git master a well
reviewed, so I actually believe that it is perfectly fine to
follow git master at the moment. (Of course, check the commit
log before upgrading from one snapshot to the next, and
judge a bit for yourself.) Should there be no new release of
open-iscsi until Debian freezes at the end of the year, the
version of open-iscsi we'll be shipping in Debian Stretch
will likely be the most current git snapshot at the time of
the freeze of Debian.

tl;dr version: I'd simply recommend the current git master
branch at the moment (see above for the commit id I mean).


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