I'm connecting my Linux server to an LTO-4 tape drive over a 1 gigabit LAN 
with very little other activity.

Doing some hand waving, I guess that I should allow ten bits per byte and a 
protocol overhead of around 40%.  That gets me to about 60MB/s which I know 
is about half what the drive is capable of.

However what I'm seeing is a consistent throughput of about 30MB/s which is 
quite a lot slower that I'd expect.

The processor is an Intel Atom D525 1.80Ghz four core processor with 4GB 

The drive I'm backing up is a SATA SSD.   

The backup is run thus:

sudo mt-st -f /dev/st0l setblk 65536
sudo dd bs=64k if=/dev/sdb | mbuffer -s 65536 -m -m 50% -P 80 -o /dev/st0l

Is what I'm seeing pretty much the norm, or is there something I can do to 
get better throughput?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

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