During changes in the iscsi SAN layout the initiator got confused, holding 
on to a session in RAM while this session should not exists. 

"iscsiadm -m session" shows 1 session. Trying to delete the record for it 
fails because the session is in use
The sessions persists, no matter what I try, even if all nodes, ifaces, 
portals etc are deleted from the persistent DB. The only place there is a 
reference to the session is in sysfs, which i cannot delete.

Trying to log it out with the daemon running fails because the session 
keeps trying to log in to a target with wrong credentials (which i for some 
reason cannot adjust with --op=update and node.session.auth.* variables; no 
error, they just don't get saved)
Trying to log out of the session with the daemon off returns a 'no records 

Every time the daemon starts it sees the device in sysfs and happily starts 
trying to connect.
As far as I am aware there is no way to force delete a broken session, 
besides by rebooting. This is something I prefer not to do though.
Is there something I'm missing?

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