Hi All:

I have been thinking that, with all the new development going on in Linux 
and in our own open-iscsi community, that a summit would be a good idea.

It turns out both Chris and I live in the Northwest US (near Portland, OR), 
and it would be easy for us to get together and talk.

But it occurs to me there are a lot of other players in the open-iscsi 
space that might like to get together.

We could have discussions and talks. e.g.:

* recent changes in open-iscsi (e.g. libopeniscsiusr)
* handling containers
* booting issues
* scaling open-iscsi -- thousands of LUNs?
* network interface: why not use a tap interface?
* sysfs -- what a mess. How to synchronize with the asynchronous
* where next?

(I'm sure there are a lot of other topics I can't think of right now)


Does this seem of interest? If so, please feel free to suggest other topics.

As far as a time frame, I have no plans now. It's kind of late to plan 
anything this summer if we have much interest. But we can decide that once 
we know what we'd like to talk about.

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