On Saturday, November 3, 2018 at 5:36:41 AM UTC-7, 
david.partri...@perdrix.co.uk wrote:
> I'm not really up to speed with systemd and wanted to enable iscsi on my 
> system.
> So I issued a "systemctl enable iscsid" after a reboot I saw it was 
> running and was happy!
> But after some further reading I realised that systemd has an inetd-alike 
> capability, and that iscsid should probably be started by traffic on the 
> socket.
> So was I wrong to enable the service?
> IOW should I disable iscsid.service or leave it enabled?
> Many thanks
> David

What distro are you running? The iscsid daemon has been set up for what 
systemd calls "socket activation" in the upstream sources.

For example, for SUSE, we have another service called iscsid.socket. For 
socket activation, you need a "SERVICE.socket" unit, and a 
"SERVICE.service" unit.

For this to work, you must have the "socket" unit running and do not need 
the regular service running. This means that systemd will watch the network 
socket you specify, and start up your service if somebody tries to reach 
it, which in turn means iscsid does not have to be running all the time. 
This is particularly useful if you rarely use the service, but it's not 
smart enough to stop the daemon when you're no longer using it. So once it 
starts up, it stay running, and "systemctl status SERVICE" will show that 
it is running. If you run "systemctl stop SERVICE", it will stop it (i.e. 
the iscsid daemon in this case) but warn "can be started again by 
SERVICE.socket" (or something like that).

In answer to your question, there is nothing wrong with enabling the 
service by default if you use it regularly. But if you have an 
"iscsi.socket" file on your system, then you do not *have* to have iscsid 
running to be able to use it.

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