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This page list products and companies that are currently using OpenJPA.

ActiveMQ: Apache ActiveMQ is the most popular and powerful open source Message Broker which supports many Cross Language Clients and Protocols and many advanced features while fully supporting JMS 1.1 and J2EE 1.4. OpenJPA is included with ActiveMQ version 4.2 and later.
BEA Kodo: Kodo is the project from which the OpenJPA source code was derived. Kodo is now, in turn, based on the Apache OpenJPA project and is in production use in hundreds of mission-critical applications around the world. OpenJPA is included as part of Kodo 4.1 and higher
Camel: Apache Camel is a POJO based routing and mediation library for implementing the Enterprise Integration Patterns in Java.
Geronimo: The Geronimo project is a free software application server developed by the Apache Software Foundation and distributed under the Apache license. The goal of the Geronimo project is to produce a server runtime framework that pulls together the best Open Source alternatives to create runtimes that meet the needs of developers and system administrators. OpenJPA is shipped as part of Geronimo 1.2 beta and 2.0-m1.

Apache Ode

Ode: Ode (Orchestration Director Engine) is an Apache incubated project to develop an open-source, Apache-licensed, implementation of the WS-BPEL 1.1 and WS-BPEL 2.0 (draft) specifications. Ode is a choreography engine allowing you to develop processes to call services in a well-defined manner. OpenJPA is included with Ode version 2.0 and later.
OpenEJB: OpenEJB is an open source, modular, configurable, and extendable EJB Container System and EJB Server. OpenJPA is included with OpenEJB version 3.0 and later.
Spring: The popular Spring framework is the leading full-stack Java/J2EE application framework, delivering significant benefits for many projects, reducing development effort and costs while improving test coverage and quality. OpenJPA is shipped as part of Spring 2.0.1
WebSphere Application Server Version 6.1 Feature Pack for EJB 3 Alpha: The Alpha release of the IBM WebSphere Application Server Feature Pack for EJB 3.0 contains a preliminary implementation of the Enterprise JavaBeans Version 3.0 specification, commonly known as EJB3. Associated with the Enterprise JavaBeans Version 3.0 specification is the Java Persistence API specification, commonly known as JPA. The Alpha JPA implementation is powered by OpenJPA.

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