On 7/11/06, Patrick Linskey <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> 1)  Have we decided how to resolve the Java EE 5 dependency?
> I didn't see where we had set up a maven dependency for these
> interfaces.  For now, I can just use my own copy, but we
> should decide the formal solution.

I don't follow -- what's the problem? To my knowledge, we don't have any
Java EE 5 dependencies, except for the openjpa-persistence module's
dependency on the JPA interfaces. We depend on javax.transaction,
javax.resource, and javax.jms.

Sorry, I was being too generic.  I meant the javax.persistence,
javax.transaction, etc dependencies.  Not all of Java EE 5, just the
packages required by JPA.  I just reviewed the discussion about how and
where to house these interfaces for OpenJPA usage, but I didn't see any
conclusions.  There was talk about using the Glassfish or the Geronimo
versions, but was a decision made?

2)  Even with the Java EE 5 dependency resolved, I am still
> experiencing about 100+ errors in the openjpa-kernel project.
>  Many errors with "JJxxxx cannot be resolved".  Does this
> build for everybody else?

Hmm. That's odd. Works for me. I remember that Marc told me to be sure
to have Maven 2.0.4 installed at one point; what do you get from 'mvn

Yep, I am using 2.0.4 (Maven version: 2.0.4).  I do notice that I have an
empty openjpa-kernel/src/main/jjtree directory.  Should there be code in
this directory?  All of my errors are coming out in the
org.apach.openjpa.kernel.jpql package -- JPQLExpressionBuilder (almost all
of them are in here), ParseException, and SimpleNode.


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