I've used both web sites and wikis for a while also. There are some things that wikis are good for and others that are better suited for web sites.

For easy navigation around an area, nothing beats a navbar across the top and along the side. I haven't seen wikis that give you a navbar concept (I'm willing to learn here). For things that don't change very often, policy, downloads pointers, issue tracking, etc. web sites are best.

For dynamic content that needs community feedback, wikis rock.

For me it's not an either-or but a definite +1 both.


On Jul 31, 2006, at 6:48 AM, Kevin Sutter wrote:

I've used Wikis for a couple of years now and I agree with Patrick that the
ease of editting is a big plus.  I vote +1 for a wiki-based "Site".

On 7/29/06, Patrick Linskey <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Personally, I think that we should use a wiki-based approach
> for most of The Site, as Craig refers to it, and use a
> mvn-based build approach for The Product Docs.

So the reason that I prefer a wiki-based approach is ease of editing.
Currently, editing content on the site is a multi-step process, and
basically requires someone to be relatively developery. I'd like to be
able to see an error or have an idea for a quick bit of info or
something and just put it up there quickly, and I'd like it if
non-tech-folks could easily add content (conference schedules, new white
papers, customer testimonials, etc.).

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