Depending on your fear threshold, you shouldn't be scared off by the
version number.

OpenJPA is brand-new to Apache, so is in incubation. In the case of
OpenJPA, this means that we're working on building a community around
OpenJPA, and are learning to operate as a team in a way that meshes with
the distributed, multi-organizational ways of successful Apache
projects. Essentially, incubation for us is a time to learn how to be
good Apache citizens.

However, OpenJPA is not a new codebase. The Kodo codebase dates back
several years, and OpenJPA is a direct subset of that codebase. At BEA,
we're building the next version of Kodo (4.1) on top of OpenJPA. That
is, Kodo doesn't use a forked codebase or any replacement classes or
anything like that; it's pure OpenJPA with a number of plug-ins and

So, you should find that OpenJPA is quite stable as a product. The 0.9
version number reflects the newness of the OpenJPA project at Apache,
not the newness of the code itself. It's my understanding that we won't
change the number to 1.0 until we get out of the incubator, although
that might be a misconception on my part.

That said, we don't currently build jars or package up a proper release,
and we don't currently have convenience shell scripts wrapping the
handful of command-line tools that OpenJPA users will often execute. As
you pointed out in your other thread, we haven't ported any bugs from
our old bugzilla, and we haven't gotten a project plan in place yet.
Expect to see movement on all of these issues over the coming weeks.

I hope this helps answer your questions,


Patrick Linskey
BEA Systems, Inc.  

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> Subject: What needs to be done between 0.9 and 1.0?
> I'm interested to use OpenJPA in my current project instead 
> of Hibernate but the version number scares me. Can anyone 
> explain maybe in bit more detail what the status of OpenJPA 
> is and what kind of things are on the todo between now and 1.0?
>  S.
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