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Moving forward, JCA is unlikely to be the best way to integrate OpenJPA
into a container.

JCA does two things: it provides a framework for integrating
transactional resources into a JTA environment, and it provides
lifecycle / configuration / bootstrapping hooks. Sadly, it also suffers
from some unfortunate weaknesses in how transaction semantics are
defined that basically render it unusable for things like OpenJPA --
OpenJPA needs to be notified at certain phases in the lifecycle of a
transaction, and those lifecycle points are not available in JCA.


In the EJB3 spec, we defined a contract between the JPA impl and the
"container" (EJB or otherwise), and we convinced the JTA team to add the
TransactionSynchronizationRegistry interface. So, JTA + the
JPA/container contract are the best way to use OpenJPA in a Java EE 5


For J2EE 1.4 apps, JCA does provide some theoretical utility for hooking
into an appserver's standard JCA configuration mechanisms, and for
getting registered in JNDI in a somewhat-standard way.

In any event, the JCA impl code is not currently part of the OpenJPA
codebase; that's a bug in the docs.

I guess that we need to decide what the story should be for deploying
OpenJPA into a pre-Java EE 5 appserver. If we decide that JCA is that
way, then maybe the best approach is for BEA to contribute the existing
JCA wrappers around OpenJPA.


Even with its short-comings, I liked the idea of wrappering OpenJPA as a JCA
Resource Adapter for pre-Java EE 5 appservers.  It seems a bit better than
just using the standard Application-managed interfaces.  And, since many of
us have customers that are on pre-Java EE 5 appservers, it seems like a good


Patrick Linskey
BEA Systems, Inc.

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> Subject: JCA Resource Adapter?
> According to Section 3 (J2EE Tutorials, specifically 3.2 J2EE
> Installation
> Types), the recommended approach to using OpenJPA in a
> managed environment
> is via the JCA rar file:
> JCA: OpenJPA implements the JCA 1.0 spec, and the
> openjpa-persistence.rarfile that comes in the
> jca/persistence directory of the distribution can be
> installed as any other
> JCA connection resource. This is the preferred way to
> integrate OpenJPA into
> a pre-J2EE 5 environment. It allows for simple installation (usually
> involving uploading or copying openjpa-persistence.rar into
> the application
> server's deployment directory), and guided configuration on
> many appservers.
> Is this supposed to be part of the OpenJPA deliverable?  I do
> not seem to
> building the .rar file, nor can I find any reference to the
> jca/persistence
> directory that is mentioned above.  Should I open a JIRA bug for this?
> Thanks,
> Kevin
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