You should open these as bugs. The JPQL parser is very new code; I
expect that we will run into a fair number of parse bugs / limitations.
(OpenJPA should pass what's in the TCK, but that's hardly complete


Patrick Linskey
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> Subject: EJB QL grammar
> I noticed in doing some testing with OpenJPA that the  
> OpenJPA jjt grammar
> file is not quite in sync with JPA spec.  For instance
>   " select NEW .... "  should only be valid in top level query, not
> subquery.
>   " ...  having max( e.salary ) ..."  gives syntax error.  
> Expressions in
> having  clause should allow aggregate functions.
>   " select e from Employee e  where exists ( select p from  
> in(e.projects)
>  p ) "  is valid EJB QL but gives syntax error.
> I have also gotten bad sql generated if a subquery contains another
> subquery.
> Is anyone else aware of these or should I open up bugs.
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