Uhh i didnt know that 1.3 is still supported by OpenJPA. Then forget my call, i just wanted to supply a diff where AbstractTestCase use JDK regex instead of ORO, but thats obsolete now...

Regarding mvn idea:idea .... ARGH. I just finished setting up my IDEA multi-module project by manually resolving all the 3rd party and internal dependencies. It even compiles now fully. This is the hard way learning what Maven offers :)

The last thing that wont compile is: ProxyGregorianCalendar4 in module openjpa-kernel4 This class extends ProxyGregorianCalendar but where do i get this base class?
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Am 25.08.2006 um 23:35 schrieb Patrick Linskey:

I will check where the regex
are used and see if we could use JDK regex instead.
Especially when you setup a new project (when there are no IDE
project files *wink* in the repos) you are lucky for every JAR which
you dont have to define.

Have you tried out 'mvn idea:idea'? IIRC, it comes pretty close to full

Also, FYI, from what I can tell, we never import regex packages anywhere in
the codebase.

Finally, recall that OpenJPA supports 1.3 and higher; JDK regex didn't come
into being until 1.4.

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