> > One more: why is there no openjpa.xml? I saw that it can provide  
> > globals (constants?) while bootstrapping but i can find 
> none in the  
> > source tree.
> Because you can use the JPA-standard persistence.xml instead, which  
> is loaded by default whenever no explicit alternate is provided,  
> according to the JPA spec.  The JDO spec doesn't have a default  
> properties file location, so kodo.properties is somewhat useful  
> there, but we don't expect many users to want an openjpa.xml globals  
> file.

Meanwhile, we (BEA) are working on a XML configuration file format for
configuring Kodo in a WebLogic Server environment. Currently, we're
calling this file "persistence-configuration.xml"; the basic idea is
that all the non-JPA-standard information will be in
persistence-configuration.xml, and people will not need to use the
name-value pairs in the persistence.xml. We (BEA) would love to get this
format or something like it into OpenJPA -- I should send out an email
outlining what we've done so far one of these days.

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