I'm trying to set up a really simple example inside geronimo with container managed transactions/persistence contexts. When I create and persist an object the TableJDBCSeq is trying to commit the connection before closing it: since it's in a JTA tx of course this fails.

It looks like nothing is setting type on the AbstractJDBCSeq and I can't detect any use of SequenceMetadata which is the only place I can find that has code to set the type on the seq.

What am I doing wrong? Is there some other code that could set the type on the sequence? Is there some way to make SequenceMetadata kick in or even set _type on SequenceMetadata?

Code from AbstractJDBCSeq:

    protected void closeConnection(Connection conn) {
        if (conn == null)

        try {
            if (type != TYPE_TRANSACTIONAL && type != TYPE_CONTIGUOUS)
        } catch (SQLException se) {
            throw SQLExceptions.getStore(se);
        } finally {
            try { conn.close(); } catch (SQLException se) {}

I think that since I'm in a JTA tx type ought to be TYPE_TRANSACTIONAL, is this reasonable?

david jencks

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