So you are saying that batching is working OK in general, just not for a particular class? And that this particular class was batching fine with previous versions? That is odd, although there are some cases where we might refuse to batch a particular class (because of a driver bug with batching certain column types, etc).

As a shot in the dark, we do work around a bug in the Oracle JDBC driver's failure to batch date/time effectively.

Can you post the SQL log that shows the series of SQL statements that should have been batched, but weren't? That might help shed light on it.

Also, database and JDBC driver type/version would be useful.

On Oct 15, 2006, at 7:30 PM, Roytman, Alex wrote:


While migrating to Kodo 4.1 I noticed significant drop in insert
performance. I trace it down to some strange batching behavior. While
most of the PC were committed with batched inserts one particular class
refused to batch and would insert row by row resulting in 10 times
performance drop.

There is nothing special about the class. Its hierarchy is mapped on
base its table except for one of the lowest members which is mapped

Thank you very much

Alex Roytman

Peace Technology, Inc.


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