On Oct 24, 2006, at 5:50 PM, Patrick Linskey wrote:

Is this as it should be?  Is there some additional processing going
on when openjpa reads a persistence.xml file that should not happen
when an entityManagerFactory is created in a j2ee environment?

Does this work when you run outside a container?

I haven't tried and I'm not entirely sure what the equivalent environment would be. The class I'm using is the AllFieldTypes stolen from OpenJPA

It sounds like the product derivations aren't loading properly. Are you
using separate OpenJPA jars, or the single OpenJPA jar?

The non-geronimo stuff in the classloader with openjpa jars is:





Did you create a
single OpenJPA jar from the modules on your own? Could your security
policy be preventing OpenJPA from accessing resources?

No security policy.

Any idea where I could look for a clue about what's going on?

david jencks

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