A recent discussion concerning a patch for OPENJPA-63 (
has prompted a question that Patrick and I felt should be brought out into a
public discussion.  It turns out that the patch posted for this report is
using a method on DelegatingDatabaseMetaData that was introduced in JDK 1.4.
Patrick's original concern is that we should continue to support JDK 1.3.
Since JDK 1.3 has started it's EOL campaign, I'm wondering how important it
is to continue to support JDK 1.3.  My thought (and now Patrick's) is that
we should focus on JDK 1.4 and above.  Here's your chance to vote...

Statement:  OpenJPA should support JDK 1.4 and beyond.  There is no
requirement to support the older JDK 1.3 environment.

+1     Agree. JDK 1.4 and beyond
-1      Disagree.  We need to support JDK 1.3.
+/- 0  Neutral.  Do whatever.


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