OK, I've fixed most of these and am re-building the release. Unless anyone comes up with any other objections, I'll start a new vote tomorrow morning.

Also, see my comments inline below...

On Nov 11, 2006, at 9:11 PM, Eddie O'Neil wrote:

 Great job on this release -- we're really down to nitty-little
detail issues with the distribution.  More detailed comments are below
-- the highlights fall into two major buckets:

#1: information needed in NOTICE.txt.  This refers to the ActiveMQ
project; it also needs to refer to the source files for the binary
persistence-api JAR file as per the CDDL 1.0 license.  More
information on ASF policy relative to this license is here:


Additionally, NOTICE.txt should contain the copyrights for 3rd party
Serp / persistence-api JARs.  For example:


Fixed. If anything at http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator/ openjpa/trunk/openjpa-project/NOTICE.txt still looks amiss, please let us know.

#2: ASF source headers.  There are a bunch of files in the source
distribution that don't have source headers.  There's a great tool
that one of the Incubator PMC members wrote that checks for these
headers.  It's super easy to checkout, build, and run and can be found


These are listed below.

I've fixed most of these. See below.

 -1 until #1 is fixed because we need to be compliant with licenses
of bundled 3rd party JARs.  I'd suggest fixing #2 as well but leave
that to the community to decide -- though the Incubator PMC is looking
more closely at license headers these days.  :)


Items checked:
 - md5 signatures
 - sha1 signatures
 - license headers on archived files
 - example builds and runs
 - documentation looks good
 - license compatibility of JAR files

Issues that should be addressed before release:
- NOTICE.txt references the "ActiveMQ" distribution
- as per CDDL 1.0, NOTICE.txt must refer to the source for the
persistence-api sources.  For more information about including CDDL
1.0 licensed binaries, see:

This has been fixed.

- source archive includes sun/misc/Perf.java

It was only there as a compilation stub. However, since it was only required for JDK 1.3 and lower, and since we just voted to drop support for JDK 1.3, I just went ahead and deleted it.

- files missing license files:
   - **/*.properties
   - **/pom.xml
   - **/*.xml
   - **/*.rsrc
   - **/JPQL.jjt
   - **/*.ProductDerivation
   - **/*.ExpressionParser
   - **/*.PersistenceProvider

- Java files without LICENSE headers -- there were 17 of these. Found using: find . -name "*.java" -exec grep --files-without-match "LICENSE" {} ;


- openjpa-project-0.9.6-incubating.pom missing license header

Fixed, I think (if you are looking at pom files that are re-generated by the maven process, then they don't preserve comments, and thus will lose the license header).

Minor issues:
- Javadoc includes a couple of extraneous classes



I believe I've successfully removed these from the javadocs.

- JARs are named "openjpa-project-0.9.6-incubating" but unzip into

This seems to be a weird maven side-effect. I'd like to defer fixing this until later.

- distribution files that can be removed

Maven automatically generated checksums for every file it uploads (and I manually add the .asc GPG signature to the uploaded files). Ideally, I'd like to look into fixing this at a later date.

- no .tar.gz archives

I feel it is simpler to just have a since .zip file. Since everyone who wants to use OpenJPA had Java installed (and, therefore, has "jar" installed), anyone is capable of unpacking the distribution.

Does anyone feel we need an additional .tar.gz archive for the release?

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