On Jan 15, 2007, at 6:39 AM, Kevin Sutter wrote:

Concerning the infrastructure for sql batching support... Do you mean that this support is pluggable into the OpenJPA runtime? That is, is there a pluggable interface for other vendors to provide support for sql batching? Or, is it just that the runtime could be updated to support sql batching (and then the source would be out of synch with the OpenJPA repository)?

The former. Kodo is built on top of OpenJPA with no source modification or patches (using only the ProductDerivation framework). Without going into too many details about the actual implementation, it is mostly done using subclasses of the PreparedStatementManager and OperationOrderUpdateManager.

I'm just trying to assess the impact for this "removed" function. If each
vendor that incorporates OpenJPA needs to modify their version of the
runtime to provide sql batching support (and it's a common feature), then
the consistency of OpenJPA will be impacted.

I sympathize with that concern. All I can really say is that the holdbacks to the OpenJPA contributions were carefully considered to maximize functionality rather than performance.

From Dave's note, it seems like we have a mistake in the user's guide (at a minimum). But, even if the "addBatch limit" is taken out of the user's
guide, then as each vendor adds this support back in (for performance
reasons), the configuration of this feature may also vary from one vendor to
the next.

It is indeed a mistake in the documentation. It should be removed. The exact configuration property may vary from vendor to vendor.

I'm still trying to gather some "real data" to demonstrate the performance advantages of sql batching (or lack there of). But, if Dave's comments are accurate, then maybe we need to consider re-introducing the sql batching
support.  Not only for performance reasons, but also for runtime and
configuration consistency reasons.

Clearly it would be simplest and most beneficial if the code for batching was added to the contribution. I can't really comment on the likelihood of whether that will ever happen or not, but I agree that it would be nice.

My two cents worth...  :-)


On 1/11/07, Marc Prud'hommeaux <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:


Batching functionality was not included in the OpenJPA code
contribution made by BEA, but you are correct that the infrastructure
necessary for its support is in place.

I can't comment on whether BEA could be persuaded to contribute that
code as well beyond saying that they are always open to community
suggestions and feedback.

On Jan 10, 2007, at 5:11 PM, David Wisneski wrote:

> Does OpenJPA support sql batching (i.e. the jdbc addBatch api on a
> prepared Statement)? The user's guide shows how to set the addBatch > limit, but it does not work. It would appear that if there was code
> to do this it was removed.
> I think that most ORM runtimes support this feature and we will be at > a competitive disadvantage with Hibernate and TopLink without it. It
> is very important when creating and persist many new object of the
> same type in one transaction (i.e. persisting 1000 new Customer beans) > or doing many updates ( updating the salary on 1000 Employee beans). > I know that addBatch performance vs. doing multiple jdbc executeUpdate
> makes a big differrent in DB2 -- and I would assume also other
> databases.
> If the code was there and removed -- any thoughts about adding it
> back in?  Otherwise we would most likely have to develop it for our
> enterprise customer.

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