> > 3.5.6:
> >
> > "Lifecycle callback methods may throw runtime exceptions. A runtime
> > exception thrown by a callback method that executes within a  
> > transaction
> > causes that transaction to be rolled back. No further lifecycle  
> > callback
> > methods will be invoked after a runtime exception is thrown."
> One other thing to check is if the tx is marked rollback 
> only, should  
> we not call anymore lifecycle events or is that "NoFurther lifecycle  
> callback" clause supposed to apply to the single entity that failed.

You mean: if someone calls setRollbackOnly() and then calls flush(),
what should we do about the @PreUpdate callback? I don't have a strong
opinion either way. My read of the spec is that we should execute the
callback; callbacks should only be aborted if the exception is thrown
during a time when the callbacks would have otherwise been invoked.

> > Further, I think that 3.7 trumps 3.5.6, so if an exception is thrown
> > from a callback during a find(), we should be marking the 
> transaction
> > for rollback, rather than actually rolling it back.
> That is standard EJB behavior and what I would expect from the EJB  
> spec committee.


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