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I am evaluating JPA(OpenJPA) for one of our customers. The usage scenarios
have a very special

problem of which I do not know if there is a clear solution by using JPA:


The customers Oracle databases have very restricted access privileges:


==>     the testing and development  schemas/databases allow access to the
schema owner (i.e. user) e.g. "USRT"

==>     the production schemas/databases only allow access to the schema
owner e.g. "USRP"


this means that during development all queries have to specify the usrt
owner, e.g.


select col1,col2,col3 from USRTEST.TBL_NAME where cond1=cond2 .


all of the statements have to be changed when being deployed to the
production system to:


select col1,col2,col3 from USRPROD.TBL_NAME where cond1=cond2 .



Currently I am implementing iBatis-based solutions where I configured a
global parameter ${owner} in a "datasource.properties"
file which is loaded in sql-map-config.xml at initialization time of the
iBatis SQLMaps Engine. In all queries throughout the project

I use the ${owner} variable -> so I just need to change the centralized
property value when deploying the system to the production



Is there any similar approach which will solve this issue when working with






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