This is the OpenJPA status report for the board for the three month period ending Mar 2007.

=== OpenJPA ===

OpenJPA made good progress this quarter in all areas. The project has many active committers all driving toward improving functionality, stability, performance, and usability.

OpenJPA has met all of the technical requirements for graduation from incubation, and is now waiting for the community to feel ready. It is not clear whether the destination should be a TLP or a sub-project of another. This discussion has not been started yet. Well, I guess it just has.


Development continues on the 0.9.7 release, which will contain many bug fixes and performance improvements. Kevin Sutter has been volunteered to cut the release once we decide there is enough done on the list.

The JSR 220 TCK was passed.

JIRA now contains numerous proposed bug fixes and feature enhancements, tentatively assigned to release buckets.


The project is running smoothly with all systems green.


One new committer was added (Michael Dick).

Three new PPMC members were added (Kevin Sutter, Marc Prud'hommeaux, and Abe White).

Craig Russell

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