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Could you get IJ to open-source the required interfaces needed to compile with? That would be the best option if you wanted to add it to the OpenJPA project.


On May 4, 2007, at 4:02 PM, Patrick Linskey wrote:


Earlier this week, I wrote a (very) basic OpenJPA / IntelliJ plugin.
It automatically runs the enhancer on persistent types after
compilation completes, for any persistence units that don't have a
persistence provider declared or that declare OpenJPA as their
persistence provider.

Clearly, I'd like to make this available for IntelliJ users. Does
anyone on this list have any experience with registering, deploying,
and maintaining plugins via JetBrains' registry?

Also, currently, the plugin includes the OpenJPA jars; I'd prefer if
it depended on picking up the jars from the module's classpath, for a
bunch of reasons. Does anyone have any experience with writing plugins
that use classes defined in the module classpath?

Finally, in order to build the sources, certain IntelliJ classes need
to be in the classpath. Does anyone know of any Apache precedents for
dealing with this type of situation?


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