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I'm planning on embedding OpenJPA in a server (which is running in a
J2EE environment). OpenJPA will run entirely within this server, and
together with added functionality implement a "content container" in
which entities can be depolyed, just as servlets can in a servlet

So, I was wondering if anybody here could help me get a little wiser on
OpenJPA. Does OpenJPA:

- Allow arbitrary instatiation and destruction, without requiring
anything directly from the J2EE framework?

Yes.  Actually, the JPA specification requires this separation from the J2EE
framework and containers.  The basic programming model is exactly the same
between the SE and EE environments.

- Allow dynamic deployment of Entities when they are loaded, or at
deployment time.

Yes.  OpenJPA allows for either static enhancement (deployment) of Entities
at build time or dynamic enhancement of Entities at runtime.  This dynamic
enhancement can be kicked off either via a Java agent in an SE envrionment,
or via a classloader plugin in a Container environment.

- Allow "third parties" (not the entity definitions) to define/override
things such as identity definition, field types (convert when
reading/writing etc.?

Yes.  The JPA spec outlines both annotation and xml descriptors for the
Entity definitions.  There are a few OpenJPA-specific annotations that are
currently not configurable via xml, but that will eventually be resolved

Any thoughts welcome.


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