Would you like to be able to print maps with the grid on it? Then people
could discover a plus code for a place, or use the map to find their way to
a plus code.

We think this would be cool, and was a reason for designing the codes the
way we did - we didn't want to have something that only people with
smartphones could use.

There's a website called fieldpapers.org - they let you select an area and
generate a PDF of pages with the map. We've contacted them and they're open
to adding the plus code grid to their maps if people want to use it.

Unfortunately we don't have anyone to work on this so if you're interested,
check out their github, and let me/us know, I might have a couple of
pointers for you!

Doug Rinckes, Technical Program Manager, Google Switzerland GmbH; 9G8F+5XM Z

Public site: http://www.openlocationcode.com/
Github project: https://github.com/google/open-location-code
Demo site: http://plus.codes/
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