Good day,

I did a quick search on the topics and didn't find anything related to 
cemeteries, but a recent visit to a family plot several hundred miles away 
made me think that this might be an ideal application for Plus Codes.

Many older cemeteries have only part-time caretakers at best and it can be 
difficult for people to locate graves. Even if there is a location, such as 
Row X, Plot Y in Section Z, the markers for the areas might be long gone on 

The benefit I see of Plus Codes is the scale; the smallest grid reference 
is about the size of a plot and even if it doesn't line up exactly, it 
definitely gets you within a meter or two. 

If an accurate diagram of the plots already exists, it should be relatively 
easy to simply overlay the Plus Code grid on top and assign the plots to 
the nearest grid. In the case of older or less organized cemeteries, then a 
survey on foot would probably be the best option. Here in South Carolina 
there are plenty of small, mostly abandoned, family plots. Having this 
information would be a boon to relatives or genealogists. 

Is anybody aware of any applications along these lines, or does anyone have 
any thoughts on how to best implement it?



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