Package: openerp-server
Version: 5.0.11-1

I have openerp-server started as a service with the init-script (update-rc.d
openerp-server defaults), running with the system (process owner) and
openerp user openerp.
The connection works and I can open existing databases. I also have boot
logging enabled and have no error message of the start of the server in
neither /var/log/boot.log nor /var/log/openerp-server.log.
I can also create databases with pgAdmin III with that connection. All files
that matter where changed to openerp as an owner. I've checked the ownership
of the openerp-server-process, it's user openerp.
But I cannot create databases with the openerp-gtk-client nor with the
openerp-web-client. This is independent whether I use the default system
administrator password admin or change it to something else.
But if I manually shut down the openerp-server (kill -9 PID) and restart it
from the command line, the database creation works.

my /etc/openerp-server.conf:

without_demo = False
smtp_port = 25
server_actions_allow_code = False
verbose = False
demo = {}
root_path = /usr/lib/openerp-server
syslog = False
list_db = True
cache_timeout = 100000
port = 8069
secure = False
secure_pkey_file = server.pkey
netinterface =
log_level = info
db_name = False
admin_passwd = ***** (censored for bug-report)
assert_exit_level = warn
smtp_server = localhost
db_password =
login_message = False
import_partial =
soap = False
pidfile = None
process_user = openerp
db_maxconn = 64
reportgz = False
xmlrpc = True
price_accuracy = 2
db_port = 5432
smtp_password = False
debug_mode = False
netrpc = True
secure_cert_file = server.cert
interface = localhost
logfile = /var/log/openerp-server.log
csv_internal_sep = ,
pg_path = /usr/lib/postgresql/8.4/bin
translate_modules = ['all']
stop_after_init = False
netport = 8070
smtp_user = False
db_user = openerp
db_host =
email_from = False
addons_path = /usr/lib/openerp-server/addons

my /etc/postgresql/8.4/main/pg_hba.conf (only adjusted part of it):

local all postgres ident
local all openerp trust
# "local" is for Unix domain socket connections only
# IPv4 local connections:
host all openerp ident
host all openerp md5

For the webclient I am using ssl with the apache proxy-solution as explained
in the official installation manual. Works fine and shouldn't matter with
the gtk-client.

I am using lenny #2 SMP (output of uname -a).

Thanks for checking and providing packages!

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