Hello folks,

  it's my pleasure and honor to announce that SCAP Security Guide
release 0.1.30 has been created and is now available for download.

Highlights of this release:
* CNSS No.1253 (nist-CL-IL-AL) profile has been ported to Red Hat
  Enterprise Linux 7,
* SCAP benchmark for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 now passes official
  NIST SCAP ScapVal- content validation tool requirements,
* The XCCDF rules for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 has been equipped
  with CCE identifiers,
* New CJIS "Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Security Policy"
  profile has been added to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 benchmark,
* Profile for each ANSSI hardening level for NP targets has been
  added to Debian 8 benchmark,
* Remediation scripts don't rely on external
  /usr/share/scap-security-guide/remediation_functions shell library
  any more (instead starting from this release the remediation scripts
  are part of the specific benchmark itself). This allows to perform
  remediation without the need to have scap-security-guide RPM package
  being installed.

For a more detailed overview of changes (bug fixes, enhancements)
implemented in this release please have a look at more detailed changelog:
* https://github.com/OpenSCAP/scap-security-guide/releases/tag/v0.1.30

Full changelog at:
* https://github.com/OpenSCAP/scap-security-guide/issues?q=milestone%3A0.1.30

Zip archives with pre-built benchmarks in DataStream form:
  (Zip archive using OVAL-5.11.1 language version)

  (Zip archive using OVAL-5.10 language version)

Happy hardening!

Regards, Jan
Jan iankko Lieskovsky (on behalf of the SCAP Security Guide upstream team)

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