These are great news!

However, I used to change settings in OpenSCAP repository, which I can't now,
because I don't have the settings button anymore.

This is a huge problem. Now, I can't merge the maint-1.2 branch into master,
because I'm not able to temporary disable the required check for
this operation and then enable it again after the merge.
Could that be fixed so that we can enable and disable the required checks
every time we need?

I also noticed that AppVeyor CI does not report build status on master pull
requests. Can that be related to the permission?
Please see https://github.com/OpenSCAP/openscap/pull/1075 to see an example.

Thank you very much!


Jan Černý
Security Technologies | Red Hat, Inc.

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> Subject: [Open-scap] New GitHub teams
> GitHub has been notifying us for ages that we should migrate from
> legacy teams to the new system. I decided it was time to finally do
> it.
> As part of this change the Owners team has been removed. GitHub
> recommends doing that (because once you migrate, the "Owners" team
> loses its special meaning).
> We had 10 teams in the organization which was way too much. And they
> were overlapping a lot. I decided to merge them into just 2 teams -
> trusted tools developers for everything except SSG and trusted SSG
> developers for SSG. These 2 teams have full push rights to the repos
> (github write access). This should make it much simpler to audit and
> keep up to date. Besides, if we trust someone to push into openscap we
> probably trust them to push into scap-workbench as well...
> You might have received notifications about deleted teams and you
> might have received invites to the new teams. I couldn't find any
> option to migrate people from team to team without notifying them like
> this, sorry for the inconvenience. I tried my best to keep everybody's
> permissions but with the amount of people and teams maybe I missed
> something. In case you encounter permission issues please let me know
> and I will fix it.
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> Martin Preisler
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