Hello OpenSCAPers,

We are thrilled to announce general availability of OpenSCAP 1.3.0_alpha1 

This is the first alpha release from master branch. This alpha release
contains significant changes. API/ABI is not compatible with 1.2.x releases.
API/ABI may be subject of further changes before final version 1.3.0 will be
released. Users are encouraged to test and report bugs using

  - New features
    - Microsoft Windows support (issue #195)
    - new probes:
       - Windows registry probe
       - Windows accesstoken probe
       - Windows wmi57 probe
    - CMake is used as build system (issue #542)
    - CTest is used as test suite driver
  - Maintenance
    - probes are not separate processes, they are threads within oscap
    - OpenSCAP can be compiled using Visual Studio 2017
    - Dropped 53 deprecated API symbols (issue #1088)
    - Removed GNU Automake
    - Removed Python 2 support (issue #1034)
    - Ninja build is supported
    - Public API symbols are marked by OSCAP_API macro
    - Removed variable lenght arrays
    - Removed custom memory allocation functions (issue #1077)
    - Improved OS X build support
    - Fixed crash when deallocating red-black-tree node in Windows
    - Several large tests are splitted into smaller test cases
    - User manual is splitted in User and Developer manual
    - Many documentation updates (issue #1069, #1066)
    - Stopped using '\r' characters on stdout (issue #579, #1023)
    - Updated release tools to reflect CMake (issue #1036)
    - Dropped Cygwin support from User Manual (issue #1011)
    - source tarball does not contain build artifacts
    - Many small fixes

Special thanks to our new contributors Alexander Scheel and Milan Lysoněk.



Audit, Fix, And Be Merry!

Jan Černý
Security Technologies, Red Hat, Inc.
on behalf of OpenSCAP contributors

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