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Unfortunately, the "tailoring" feature is broken in Anaconda Addon.

However, there is a workaround, suggested by Watson Yuuma Sato (adding him to 
this conversation).
Let me copy-paste his idea:

There is a tool that can combine the tailoring to the datastream or XCCDF file. 
So it is possible
to embed the tailoring into content file and get it through "content-url" field.

Quick howto commands and instructions below:
Grab the combine-tailoring tool
$ git clonehttps://github.com/mpreisler/combine-tailoring.git
cd combine-tailoring

Combine tailoring and content
./combine-tailoring.py --output ssg-rhel7-ds-combined.xml 

Serve the file ssg-rhel7-ds-combined.xml in your network, and
in the kickstart:
- change content-type to datastream or xccdf
- add field content-url and point to your new combined content
- change profile to the id of your customized profile, please note that it must 
be the full id.

For example:
%addon org_fedora_oscap
        content-type = datastream
        content-url =
        profile = xccdf_org.ssgproject.content_profile_standard_customized

Hopefully it helps.

Where can we find the BZ tracking fixing tailoring in Anaconda? Will this be included in the RHEL 7.6 release?

Also - where can we find the KBase article documenting the work around on the customer portal?

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