Hi folks,

I've been tasked with applying the RedHat 6 STIG to several RedHawk 6.5 systems.

Running oscap should be relatively easy, to see where a base install sits 
initially (RedHawk is RedHat with modifications for embedded realtime use).

The RedHawk site talks about testing RedHawk performance after applying the 
RedHat STIG (in a white paper), but it makes no mention on how to apply it.

Applying it manually is an option, but I'd sure like to automate some.

But my question really concerns adding packages (like selinix). RedHawk 
discourages using yum (with the RedHat repositories) to update packages, as 
there may be incompatibilities between the standard packages and the RedHawk 
modifications to the OS.

Perhaps I should direct this question to RedHawk support, but I thought I'd ask 
it here first to get your input.



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