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Hey Shawn,

I’ll add to Steve’s point that if there is not current OVAL support for the constructs you need, then the new OVAL tests/objects/states/items would need to be created in either a new OVAL schema or (more likely) as additions to the existing Linux schema.  Once created a proposal can be made to the OVAL language team through an issue and pull request to the official OVAL Language GitHub <https://github.com/OVAL-Community/OVAL>.  The newly released proposal process can be found here <https://oval-community-guidelines.readthedocs.io/en/latest/proposal-process/index.html>.

Once proposed, the OVAL community can provide feedback and implementations to prove the concept and progress the proposal along towards adoption.  Ultimately, the area supervisor for the Linux schemas will need to be involved as well.  The supervisor for Linux is currently Simon Lukasik.

I’m happy to help out with any schema development, and potential implementation of proposed updates as well (although I’ll freely admit negligible knowledge of OpenShift).  The language governance, proposal and adoption process are all recently “released” so if you find yourself needing help with the process, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thanks Bill & Steve.

So then, to rephrase the question, when will there be OVAL tests/subjects/states/items for OpenShift, akin to how there are for systemd and SELinux?

Would be extremely surprising to learn this process hasn't been started already, but getting the sense it hasn't been. Not really sure who to direct the question to.... likely Marek and Matej?

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