That file is the benchmark, not the manual STIG.  oscap can scan with that.  
Here's what I did to scan it:

oscap info U_Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux_7_V2R2_STIG_SCAP_1-2_Benchmark.xml
oscap xccdf eval --profile xccdf_mil.disa.stig_profile_MAC-1_Classified 
--results results.xml 

The "info" line is just to get the profile name.  If you have these memorized 
you can skip it.  The fourth line spits out results both to the screen and to 
an XML file.  If you want an html report, you can use "oscap xccdf generate 
report" on the results.xml file and it will make an HTML report.

Be aware that sometimes not everything in the DISA manual STIGs are in their 
benchmarks.  If you rely on just DISA benchmarks you might miss required 

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behalf of Shawn Wells <>
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On 2/8/19 2:34 PM, Greg Silverman wrote:
> Let me ask in a different way.
> DISA published xml files 
> with
>  The zip's xml file contains a list of vulnerabilities for RHEL7, the Version 
> 2 Release 2 (V2R2) selection of vulnerabilities. scap-security-guides 
> versions 1.40+ contain a DISA profile and that profile contains the V1R4 list 
> of vulnerabilities.
> 1. Can oscap v 1.2.17 consume the xml files at the DISA URL and evaluate a 
> RHEL7 machine?

DISA only publishes what's called XCCDF -- essentially, human-readable
prose. DISA does not publish any automation that would result in a
pass/fail configuration scan.

The most any SCAP tool could do with this content, including OpenSCAP,
would be to transform it from XML to HTML to ease reading:

$ oscap xccdf generate guide \
U_Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux_7_V2R2_STIG_SCAP_1-2_Benchmark.xml \
 > ~/disa-guide.html

> 2. How do xml files like the ones at that URL get incorporated in a 
> scap-security-guide, as was done with the DISA V1R4 files?


Unfortunately DISA does not coordinate their content with DoD, NIST,
NSA, or even Red Hat. These parties only find out about DISA's content
when it's made publicly available.

And also unfortunately, DISA does not provide a changelog of what was
changed. That means someone needs to go through the DISA content and
compare it by hand. From there a series of tickets are opened to discuss

Once that ticket queue is resolved, the two bodies of content will be in

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