On Thursday, February 7, 2019 1:23:58 PM EST Shawn Wells wrote:
> So then, to rephrase the question, when will there be OVAL
> tests/subjects/states/items for OpenShift, akin to how there are for
> systemd and SELinux?

Those were created specifically to address problems in drafting content for 
the USGCB settings a long time ago. They were created because there was no 
other good way of getting the information.

> Would be extremely surprising to learn this process hasn't been started
> already, but getting the sense it hasn't been. Not really sure who to
> direct the question to.... likely Marek and Matej?

Things aren't created until there's a demonstrated need. What are the 
underlying configuration that you are trying to read? What parts of the config 
are needed? Where is this information kept?

Just wanted to show how the systemd tests were created:

There was some discussion about what the intended use would be. What 
questions would the test answer? Then some discussion about syntax and 
attribute vs elements, etc. Right now, I think anyone that could help needs a 
little better definition of the problem you are seeing.


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