Dear community,

the possibility to build the OpenSCAP "oscap" suite on RHEL6 using those dated utilities s.a. python2.6 is becoming a luxury. Sometimes, passing the CI for RHEL6 requires some weird workarounds that take time to design and implement and those workarounds just complicate the code, they don't bring benefits.

As RHEL6 won't get any significant updates, the ability to compile recent versions of the scanner suite on RHEL6 seems irrelevant. Do you, our precious community around the project, have arguments why the RHEL6 should be part of the CI?

If there are no agreed-upon reasons to do otherwise, we are leaning towards switching the RHEL6 CI off within two weeks, i.e. in the first half of March.

On behalf of the Brno Security Compliance team,
Matěj Týč

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