On 2/26/19 12:07 PM, Boucher, William wrote:
My only concern is that sometimes a government customer will mandate using some 
flavor of RHEL 6, for whatever reason they may have. For example, we have a 
government customer mandating we use 6.5 at the moment. And they are perfectly 
happy to have us STIG the 6.5 OS manually, page by page, if there is no way to 
automate it.

The end of RHEL 6's maintenance support 2 phase isn't until 30-NOV-2020 [0]. Until then OpenSCAP should be prepared to release security advisories (RHSAs) and urgent bug fixes (RHBAs) for OpenSCAP.

Developers judgement call whether downstream RHSAs and RHBAs can be released in a timely, high-quality manner, without an upstream CI.

In reality there may have been little to no RHSAs or RHBAs for OpenSCAP. However it's the Red Hat brand promise that if there ever are, we'll be ready.

[0] https://access.redhat.com/support/policy/updates/errata

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