We currently have   RedHat 7.5 systems and are running oscap ver. 1.2.16.

We have AUTOFS remote shares that are getting scanned by the oscap tool.  I see 
that you have option to disable the remote scanning but that doesn't work.  We 
have several hundred systems that try to scan the network shares at the same 
time which is not a good thing and the  oscap runs never complete.    It 
actually turns into a mini DOS attack.

I've tried altering the profiles but that doesn't make sense because we need 
the system to scan the local file systems.

This is what we have in our definitions:

<behaviors  recurse="directories" recurse_direction="down" max_depth="-1" 
recurse_file_system="local" />

The above line doesn't work.  It will still scan our NetApp NFS mounted shares.

I looked through the code at [ 
 ] and found this area for LINUX systems..

is_local_fs(struct mntent *ment)


// todo: would it be usefull to provide the choice during build-time?

#if 1

       char *s;

       s = ment->mnt_fsname;

       /* If the fsname begins with "//", it is probably CIFS. */

       if (s[0] == '/' && s[1] == '/')

              return 0;

       /* If there's a ':' in the fsname and it occurs before any

       * '/', then this is probably NFS and the file system is

       * considered "remote".


       s = strpbrk(s, "/:");

       if (s && *s == ':')

              return 0;

       return 1;



It seems like you are looking for a string to determine if it's a remote file 
system.  Can you guys simply use the system call  "getmntent" system call and 
pull the information from the following.  { char *mnt_type }

The mntent structure is defined in <mntent.h> as follows:

           struct mntent {
               char *mnt_fsname;   /* name of mounted filesystem */
               char *mnt_dir;      /* filesystem path prefix */
               char *mnt_type;     /* mount type (see mntent.h) */
               char *mnt_opts;     /* mount options (see mntent.h) */
               int   mnt_freq;     /* dump frequency in days */
               int   mnt_passno;   /* pass number on parallel fsck */

I'm assuming that the mnt_type above would say nfs, cifs, etc....

NOTE: I would keep the block of code you already have above since it works for 
some systems.  I would simply add another search using the system call for 
those systems that the string search doesn't catch.

If you have anything else I could try to prevent the oscap tool from scanning 
the NFS mounted shares "I'm all ears".



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