Hi folks,

I'm using SCAP Workbench with Open SCAP to remediate CentOS 7.5 (actually 
RedHawk 7.5) systems to evaluate and apply the DISA STIG controls.

My problem isn't in getting this to work, I'm networked to the system I am 
applying controls to and remediation and report generation works fine.

However, when SCAP Workbench begins a scan it downloads the latest rules from 
the internet and uses the downloaded material to perform, the scan/remediation.

This is fine for trying things out, but ultimately what I need this for is to 
harden systems that may not ever touch or be connected to the internet.

How can I configure SCAP Workbench to use files I download elsewhere and 
installed manually on the system running SCAP Workbench.

All of these wonderful tools are useless to me unless I can do this without 
internet. The customer demands this.




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