Hello OpenSCAPers,

We are thrilled to announce general availability of OpenSCAP 1.3.1 release.

This is the latest release from maint-1.3 maintenance branch. API/ABI is
fully compatible with 1.3.0 release. Users of 1.3.x releases are
recommended to update.

  - New features
    - Support for SCAP 1.3 Source Datastreams (evaluating, XML schemas,
    - Introduced `oscap-podman` -- a tool for SCAP evaluation of Podman
      images and containers (rhbz#1642373)
    - Tailoring files are included in ARF result files (#902)
    - OVAL details are always shown in HTML report, users do not have to
      provide `--oval-results` on command line
    - HTML report displays OVAL test details also for OVAL tests included
      from other OVAL definitions using `extend_definition` (#916, #954)
    - OVAL test IDs are shown in HTML report
    - Rule IDs are shown in HTML guide (#1293)
    - Added `block_size` in Linux `partition_state` defined in OVAL 5.11.2
    - Added `oscap_wrapper` that can be used to comfortably execute custom
      compiled oscap tool
  - Maintenance, bug fixes
    - Remote filesystems mounted using `autofs` direct maps are not
      recognized as local filesystems (rhbz#1655943)
    - SCAP source datastreams containing remote components can be
      evaluated without downloading remote data (rhbz#1709423)
    - Fixed duplicated variables in generated Ansible Playbooks
    - Fixed trailing whitespace characters in Ansible Playbooks
    - Correctly handle multiline profile titles and profile descriptions
      in generated Ansible Playbooks (#1112)
    - Fixed STIG Viewer output (--stig-viewer) to handle multiple rules
      that have the same STIG ID
    - Fixed incorrect displaying of OVAL test results in HTML report
    - Fixed segmentation fault in offline mode caused by usage of `chroot`
      file descriptor after closing (rhbz#1636431)
    - Fixed textfilecontent54 probe to not ignore `max_depth`, `recurse`,
      `recurse_direction` and `recurse_file_system` attributes of
      `behaviors` element when `filepath` element is given (rhbz#1655943)
    - Added CMake policies (CMP0078 and CMP0086) related to UseSWIG
    - Added RHEL 8 CPE, Fedora 31 CPE, Oracle Linux 8 CPE
    - Fedora CPEs fixed to work also on Fedora >= 30
    - Fixed segmentation fault in CVRF module (rhbz#1642283)
    - Fixed unresolved symbols in libopenscap_sce.so
    - Fixed memory leaks in Windows registry probe (#1269)
    - Fixed many GCC compiler warnings
    - Removed dead code from `fsdev` module
    - Many new test cases in upstream test suite
    - Refactoring
    - Updated Developer Guide
    - Updated manual pages

Special thanks to our new contributors Chloe Lee, Dmitry Teselkin,
Evgeny Kolesnikov, Gabriel Gaspar Becker, Malte Kraus and Robert



Audit, Fix, And Be Merry!

Jan Černý
Security Technologies, Red Hat, Inc.
on behalf of OpenSCAP contributors

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