Are the checks manual checks and can't be automated through SCAP?

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> This may be the wrong place to ask this, but I've been looking at this for
> hours  and was hoping someone could either explain what I'm seeing or point
> to someplace that I can ask.
> I am trying to understand why several checks are missing  using the SCAP
> content with the SCAP Compliance Checker 5.2.1.   Using the SCAP content
> for Windows 10 (V1R15) and comparing to the STIG of the same version there
> are several checks for Exploit Protection that is not in the SCAP content,
> but are listed in the STIG.
> For example  V-77097 (WN10-EP-000040), V-77101 (WN10-EP-000050) are
> missing.  There are several others as well for Exploit Protection.
> Shouldn't the SCAP content for V1R15 match what the STIG of the same
> version states that needs to be checked.
> What am I missing?
> Thank You
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