The output of the --stig-viewer option does not contain test results when used 
with latest (0.1.46) version of the security-guide. I'm using the latest 
(1.3.2, from the maint-1.3 branch) version of the openscap tools downloaded 
from the github-openscap repo.

oscap -V
OpenSCAP command line tool (oscap) 1.3.2
Copyright 2009--2018 Red Hat Inc., Durham, North Carolina.

==== Supported specifications ====
XCCDF Version: 1.2
OVAL Version: 5.11.1
CPE Version: 2.3
CVSS Version: 2.0
CVE Version: 2.0
Asset Identification Version: 1.1
Asset Reporting Format Version: 1.1
CVRF Version: 1.1

The resulting output file is missing the "rule-result" section when compared to 
using the 0.1.44 version of the security-guide:

  <rule-result idref="SV-87813r2_rule" time="2019-10-23T20:05:59" 
severity="medium" weight="1.000000">
    <ident system="";>CCE-80436-9</ident>
    <check system="";>

Thanks for any guidance.

Bruno Czenczelewski


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