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*Job Title: Developer *

*Location*: Middletown , NJ ; Cincinnati , OH ; or Tampa , FL (PLEASE STATE

* *

*Start Date*: 08/18/2008

*End Date*: 05/13/2009

 Will you conduct a phone interview? Yes

*Project Name*:

PMOSS Collector Development

Project Description:

Design, Development, Test for PMOSS primarily focused on collectors.

Job Description:

EXPERIENCED SOFTWARE DEVELOPER needed for Development of real-time
collection & processing of performance management data. Candidate should
have significant experience in Carrier - class operations support systems
development. This would include software engineering, design and

Languages: Perl, Java, shell programming

*OSS : Solaris, LINUX, UNIX *

Networking and Interfaces: IP networking and Application Interfaces with one
or more of *SNMP, SNMP, UDP, TCP/IP, *MPLS, secure protocols (*SSH/SFTP/SCP)
*, Telnet and *CLI *with routers/switches, *HTTP, Apache Web/HTTP,
SOAP, *Webservices

*Microsoft Office tools: Outlook, WORD, Excel, Powerpoint*


1) Networking/Communications Software Intermediate  Required

2) Languages: Perl, Java, shell programming Intermediate  Required

3) *OSS : Solaris, LINUX, UNIX *Intermediate  Required

4) Application Development (Client/Server) Intermediate  Required

5) *Software installation & Linux System Admin Intermediate  Required *

To further help with your search, the manager is looking for someone that
will strongly match the development skills. Having networking experience in
*IP space* is important (which is why they listed it first even before
programming languages), and telecom experience with interfacing with network
elements is a plus. They really do not use C/C++ much or at all, so those
whose primary experience is in that arena is not of concern to them. Those
showing more experience in test or maintenance/production support/fixes or
project management/coordination or hardware are not what we desire either
(if they show more of that than software development of design/code/test).
Also, the application that this job ad is for has no user interface
whatsoever, so they are looking for people who do backend interfaces/data
gathering/data processing/etc versus those who do GUIs, web pages, etc. Not
saying any of those skills/experiences are completely discounted (they do
make a more rounded developer), but that's not the focus. And please make
certain your candidates can explain what they know and their areas of
expertise. Those that have interviewed did a very poor job of this.

Thanks & Regards,

Sr Technical Recruiter
Global Computer Products Inc. (GCP-Inc)
Office: 703-349-2318 | Fax: 703-349-5760 |
Email address :[EMAIL PROTECTED]

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